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SHALAKO EAST QUALITY CARE adult family home in Vancouver senior living communities.

At Shalako East Quality Care our goal is to keep the Residents as independent as possible while providing 24-hour a day support, care and supervision in a tender, loving family atmosphere.

The primary caregivers and providers are  Monica and Petru Gaciu.
Monica is a Licensed Practical Nurse who makes the general care management decisions and shares the home responsibilities. She has been working successfully with the elderly since 1998 with different levels of care from basic to Hospice.

 Petru began his caregiving experience and working with the elderly since 1998. He also completed the Washington State required qualifications for an Adult Family Home.

Adelina - a Certified Nursing Assistance also works as a part time caregiver. She has lots of patience and our residents love her for her TLC.

Ruben, a Registered Respiratory Therapist works as a part time caregiver and he is very professional and also very good with the residents.

Additional caregivers may be hired as needed to accommodate increasing residents needs.