- Washington State Licensed
- Licensed Practical Nurse
- Certified Nursing Assistant
- Registered Nurse on call
Shalako East Quality Care will always hire Caregivers that meet or exceed the minimum requirements of the WAC. We provide training to our staff on the way we want things to be done in our Adult Family Home in order to ensure uniformity of services rendered.

Renae Hamel said:   July 19th, 2012 3:29 am
Monica and her family cared for my Mother-In-Law Dixie. They did everything they could to treat her as an individual. She had Alzheimers and would have her come into the kitchen to watch Monica fix dinner. Dixie loved feeling part of the meal preparation since she was a mother of six children and spent many hours in the kitchen. When Dixie was having a bad night Monica would even sleep in the room with Dixie. When Dixie had fallen and needed extra attention Monica's family gave her excellent care. She regained her strength and it was amazing. They polish the female residents nails. These are little things that make a difference. The family is so loving. The food is excellent too! Beautiful deck with a yard swing and flowers. I don't think you can get better care then you do with Monica. I would highly recommend this home for a loved one. Sincerely, Renae Hamel and all of the Hamel family

Cathy Boyer said:   February 14th, 2012 7:00 pm
Dear Monica and Peter, My sisters and I continue to sing your praises for the tender, loving care you gave our mom, Doris Bickford. We felt like we were all family and still do. It's an unusual skill to be highly professional while still giving so much of yourself. Our best wishes to you and your family as you continue in this caring profession. Love, Cathy, Eva, and Tessie

Lois Bernard: November 13th, 2017

              My mother, Bertha Honeycutt was in the care of Monica and Peter Gaciu from  Dec. 2013 to Nov. 2017.  During that time we were always made welcome when we visited. And we were encouraged to visit as often as possible, never having  to call ahead.  My mother's appearance was always  neat and clean, hair combed, and clothes chosen with care.  Her bed linen, and room were always in a pristine condition.
            The traditional holidays were celebrated in style, lots of cheerful decorations,  holiday food,  and gifts  Often a party  was held at which all family members were invited.  Each birthday was commemorated with appropriate food, decorations, and flowers. Sometimes  there would be a guest musician or entertainer.  Monica and Peter always took pictures on these occasions and shared them with us.
             Whenever we had questions regarding my mother's health or care, the Gaciu's  were available to discuss her condition with us and to make helpful suggestions.  As my mother's physical condition and dementia  grew worse, Peter and Monica  treated her with great patience and understanding.
            Peter and Monica went out of their way to make my Mom happy. On two occasions Peter took her to a salon so she could get her hair cut and permed.  This was not in  the care contract,  but it meant a lot to my mother  and to us.
             Through out the time my mother stayed  at  the Shalako home, I never had to worry that she was not getting proper medications, or that doctor's orders were not followed.  Her care was completely professional.   But not to the point of being cold. She was treated like a member of a family, and so were we.  I feel very fortunate that she was able to spend her last years in the  care of Monica and Peter Gaciu.

Lois Bernard

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